Keith Brewer - A Taste Of Bile

Keith Brewer - A Taste Of Bile

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Long before prolific Texas based noise artist Kieth Brewer (Taint, Mania, Bitewerks) began recording experimental music, he edited a zine dedicated to the most depraved films in history.

A Taste Of Bile was a mainstay of the late 80s fanzine and video trading underground scene, held in high regard by regulars of the era like; Killbaby, Trash Compactor, Celluloid Nightmare, European Trash Cinema, and countless others.
T.O.B. stands as a historic footnote as the foundation of one of the most creative minds in all of extreme music’s lifetime as an artist.

Featuring crude and rude writing on popular films of the time like, Buio Omega, Cannibal Ferox, Last House On Dead End Street, Men Behind The Sun, Nekromantik, as well serial killer biographies, unhinged opinion pieces, and rare early comics and illustrations by Mike Diana. Includes writings on Keith’s legacy and influence by James Light and Joe Roemer.
80 pages. Magazine style B&W.

A portion of proceeds are being donated to Children Of The Night foundation for victims of human trafficking and sexual exploitation.